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David Gornoski

Jun 5, 2020

"To build a long-term sustainable economy, politicians would have to become anti-Santa Clause." David Gornoski proposes a removal of institutional coercion--a total rejection of spending trillions on the military-industrial complex and the drug war--if we are to care for our children's future. Also, Rufus Rochell calls in from home confinement to highlight the plight of non-violent drug offenders like himself who are unjustly imprisoned with long sentences. "Change does not come by talking loud, my brother," Rufus says, "Change begins first and foremost when you're dedicated to making changes that will empower others to do better and advance their way of life." Rufus goes on to explain how we can imitate Christ and "kill the enemy with the kindness of God." Listen to the full episode as David and Rufus explore how we can effect change amidst the storm of riots and injustices in our society today.

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