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David Gornoski

Jun 6, 2020

David Gornoski sits down with Justin Murphy, political scientist and former professor of the University of Southampton; and together the two discuss the reemergence of faith, the meaning of Christ's love on an anthropological level, the current riots, socio-political turmoil, and Jesus-imitation in a post-Christian culture.

Justin Murphy says, "The rioters are--in their own twisted way--trying to produce a sacred process." That sacredness, David replies, is the search for scapegoats, whether they be store owners or the president of the United States. David and Justin then dive deep into the concept of ritual sacrifice and draw fascinating comparisons between the current riots and the riotous carnivals celebrated in ancient times.

How can we bring the biblical concept of Jubilee--the clearing of all debts--to alleviate the suffering of the downtrodden without bailing out the big corporations? Can we cultivate a proper ethic of imitating Jesus in today's secular context? Can we bind society together with something else other than sacrificial violence? Listen to the full podcast to find out.

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