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David Gornoski

May 25, 2021

In this special roundtable podcast, David Gornoski and nutritional researcher Tucker Goodrich talk with distinguished professors Bruce Hammock and J Bruce German to discuss what their research of linoleic acid has revealed about our immune system, severe burns, pain blockers, ARDS mortality, mass consumption of vegetable oils, and more. How can we increase Omega-3 fatty acids without increasing Omega-6 in our bodies? Does decreasing Omega-6 in our bodies also decrease the susceptibility to severe cases of COVID?

Dr. Bruce Hammock is the Distinguished Professor of Entomology and UCD Comprehensive Cancer Center and Director of the NIEHS-UCD Superfund Research Program at University of California, Davis. 
J Bruce German PhD is a chemist and food scientist at UC, Davis. Professor German researches the role of fats and other components in the diet. 
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