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David Gornoski

Jul 8, 2020

Dr. Ron Paul, former presidential candidate and champion of liberty, joins David Gornoski to talk about some of the pressing issues our country is facing right now.

On the calls to defund the police, Dr. Paul cautions against involving the federal government while pointing out that the problem of arbitrary violence exists because of government involvement. Dr. Paul urges us to shift our focus on the violent institutions whose very existence perpetuates the problems we're seeing today.

What is the future of politics on educational campuses? Dr. Paul says the situation is ripe for self-proclaimed progressives to take the initiative in demanding change while correcting the socialist movement that crony-corporatism and government bailouts, not free-market economics, are the real problem. The purpose of government is to protect property, Dr. Paul says, but right now the government stands for bankruptcy and the opposite of liberty.

What does Dr. Paul think of Kanye West running for president? How can we move from economic enslavement to prosperity and liberty? Can we rediscover true justice in a myriad of fake justice issues thrown at us by the media? Listen to the full podcast to find out.