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David Gornoski

Feb 14, 2024

David Gornoski opens the episode by touching on how Jesus' personhood revolution exposes the tyrannical ways of world institutions. The episode takes a surprise turn as David debates CNN correspondent and war advocate Tina on "Our Democracy."

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Feb 9, 2024

David Gornoski comments on whether the political class is planning to finally get rid of Biden based on his mental health. Did Tucker Carlson shill for Putin as the legacy media claims? How is the Gospel affecting the social and political dynamics of the US and Russia? Why do the nations rage as the Gospel...

Feb 7, 2024

Why are many conservatives these days on the lookout for Caesars? Why is everything in our lives becoming so politicized? How is politics related to violence? Why do so many women vote for tyrannical government overreach? Listen to this exciting episode to find out as David Gornoski unpacks the weaponization of...

Feb 6, 2024

David Gornoski comments on the mainstream media's reaction to Tucker Carlson traveling to Moscow to interview Vladimir Putin. How is the military-industrial complex connected to the diluting of our purchasing power? Why can't we say the word "repentance" on political platforms?

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Mar 1, 2023

What does A Neighbor's Choice mean? What does Jesus' attitude toward violence teach us about how to conduct ourselves in the world and how power structures are supposed to operate? Why is there stagnation in the world of science and technology? How do we get back to that creative renaissance that has been missing...