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David Gornoski

Jun 22, 2020

"If marijuana is a gateway drug, so are alcohol and cigarettes," says Amy Povah. The founder of CAN-DO Clemency returns on this episode with Rufus Rochell to talk about the recent compassionate releases and the others in waiting. One of many imprisoned for non-violent offenses is John Bolen who received 9 life sentences for a drug-related crime. John's wife June calls in to discuss her husband's situation and the possibility of his freedom.

Plus, Lara Logan joins David Gornoski for an in-depth discussion on how Antifa operates under the protection of the media. The award-winning journalist exposes the origins of the Marxist organization and likens it to the radical left's version of Hitler's brownshirts. Listen to the full episode for an intriguing conversations on criminal justice, elite-funded revolutions, and more.

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