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David Gornoski

Jul 1, 2020

Dr. Max Zamilov and David Gornoski continue their discussion on the similarities and dissimilarities between Russia and America. David highlights how America inherited the common law outlook from the British through the founding fathers. But private property seems to be an illusion, says Dr. Zamilov, when we have to pay taxes to the government. Dr. Zamilov highlights how taxation is less stringent in Russia despite corruption. "As long as enough people have their moral compasses in the right place we won't fall into utter corruption," Dr. Zamilov remarks. How can America achieve a renaissance in technological innovation? Dr. Zamilov says that innovation simply must take place concretely in the right areas. Listen to the full episode for all of this plus an excellent monologue by David Gornoski on the hindrance imposed by the Federal Reserve system on our economy and how the abandonment of the American dream has led to this.

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