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David Gornoski

Jul 23, 2024

David Gornoski sits down with Jacob Stephens for a fascinating conversation on Ray Peat's bioenergetic paradigm, why people have bystander effect, the truth about estrogen, how people are puzzled by nutritional dialectics, the sensation of euphoria from thyroid supplementation, white bread summer, and more.


Jul 22, 2024

David Gornoski and Raw Egg Nationalist get together to explore the anthropology behind the movie Babe, the Church of England, studying at Oxford, Nietzsche's views on Christianity, how Ray Peat helps us understand Christianity, overcoming stress-induced culture, and more.

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Jul 19, 2024

David Gornoski and Jason Jones talk about standing with the world's vulnerable, the Elon Musk mystery, the deplorables, JD Vance, the surprising truth about Palestinians, stressed-out binary thinking, and more.

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Jul 18, 2024

David Gornoski is joined by Nate Lawrence for a groundbreaking conversation on Ray Peat's bioenergetic revolution, how childlike wonder wins over death anxiety, why women and children are the future, stress and mimesis, AI and the digital hellscape, and more.

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Jul 17, 2024

David Gornoski is joined by musician Lex De Blanca for a fascinating conversation on the attempted assassination on Trump, why Trump shouldn't lean into the New Right's dictatorial expectations, the importance of choice in the world's salvation, the sign of Jonah, the role of art, and more.